Church of Uganda (CoU)

Planning, Development & Rehabilitation Department...

... is the social development arm of the Province of Church of Uganda located on Plot 884, Centenary Road, Namirembe Hill, Kampala, Uganda. Many people know COU-PDR. Others have heard about it. But thousands neither know nor have they heard about COU-PDR. We are happy in the following pages, to reveal COU-PDR to you; to answer the question, What is COU-PDR?

Our Vision Statement

COU-PDR has articulated its long term desired end result as "EMPOWERED PEOPLE OF GOD".

Mission Statement

To work with people and communities in Dioceses in order to improve their quality of life. According to Uganda's 2002 National Population Census, 38% of Uganda's population live below the poverty line of US$1 a day.

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