Icelandic Church Aid (ICA)

Hjálparstarf kirkjunnar / Icelandic Church Aid (ICA) is an independent foundation established by the National Church of Iceland. It is governed by a council of representatives. Each Parish has its representative and a deputy, and five are selected by the Church Council. Each congregation is also encouraged to appoint a representative to the council. The council meets twice a year.

The role of ICA is to initiate and coordinate relief work carried out in the name of the Icelandic Church. Its broad aim is to assist people in need, regardless of its cause and regardless of nationality, race, religion or political ideas. Our relief work is organized and carried out in close cooperation with people and institutions we know and trust. ICA participates in the work of two important international organizations: The Lutheran World Federation and ACT Alliance.

ICA does not confine all its work to distant places. Since its foundation it has assisted people in Iceland suffering from economic pove

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