Iglesia Metodista del Perú (IMP)

Iglesia Metodista del Perú (IMP) - ( Methodist Church of Peru) is called to testify the grace of God in the world and to be an instrument for his glory and, just as Jesus did, an example of commitment and solidarity with the world.

IMP's strategic priority is “ a church that serves and gives prophetic witness for justice and social change of the society (Diakonia).”

IMP's values are justice and inclusion: to be in solidarity with the people by sharing love, peace, faith and hope and by reforming the structures that contribute to create unjust relationships among human beings, as well as the address of the systemic caused of economic poverty and the deterioration and overexploitation of the environment; and for every Peruvian to have access to the basic needs that allow their growth and development within the framework of democracy, eliminating any form of discrimination.

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