Noticias de los miembros

08 Feb 2021
At the beginning of February 2021, Cambodian ACT-member Life with Dignity (LWD) organized a humanitarian distribution event. Beneficiaries were highly vulnerable families in the Battambang province bordering with Thailand. It [...]
29 Jun 2020
In times of pandemics, well informed and organized communities are crucial for containing the disease. Therefore, ACT-member Life with Dignity (LWD) supports people focused on awareness raising in Cambodian communities [...]
15 Ene 2020
Twelve members of the ACT Alliance are joint in the Cambodia Forum. In August 2018, they hired an agricultural advisor to be shared by all the members for a period [...]
17 Oct 2016
ACT Alliance member Finn Church Aid (FCA) has trained the first ever Career Counsellors for schools in Cambodia. As a result, career counselling is incorporated in the national curriculum and [...]
31 Ago 2016
Since responding to the devastating earthquake in Kashmir in 2005, Community World Service Asia has assumed a leadership role among aid organizations in Asia and has initiated and supported the [...]
04 Abr 2016
ACT Alliance in Cambodia with the support of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative have launched a capacity building program in Cambodia. “The EUAV project fits well to the Cambodian context. [...]
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