Noticias de los miembros

05 Oct 2018
Diakonia and The Church of Sweden’s international work condemn the assassination attempt against Matilde Leonor López Arpushana. Matilde received the 2014 award for the defence of human rights in Colombia [...]
04 Oct 2017
LWF-supported platform says environmental and civil society leaders are targeted A group of human rights defenders from Colombia has expressed deep concern over increasing violence against environmental and civil society [...]
10 May 2017
A new report by ACT member Christian Aid released today called ‘The Scandal of Inequality: the multiples faces of inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean’  highlights that inequality in [...]
02 Feb 2017
ACT Alliance member LWF supports survivors in Colombia – International day of people with disabilities (3.12.2016) – He should have listened to the bird, Cristo Perez says of the little [...]
19 Ene 2017
“LWF has taught us to farm more nutritious crops» Along the Chicué River, in northwestern Colombia’s Chocó district, ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) provides humanitarian support to indigenous [...]
17 Ene 2017
(27.09.2016) As the Colombian government and the leader of the main guerilla group prepare to sign the peace agreement to end the Colombian civil war today in Cartagena, the ACT [...]
16 Ago 2016
(LWI) – «If gold mining was no longer possible, I would have to leave,” says Orlinda Romaña, 38, a single mother with seven children who has worked in artisanal mining since she [...]

Noticias ACT

09 Feb 2018

La alianza ACT renueva su llamado por la paz en Colombia, país que por décadas ha sufrido violencia y conflictos. Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, Secretario General de la Alianza ACT, instó al gobierno de Colombia en conjunto con el Ejercito de Liberación Nacional (ELN) a retornar a la mesa de negociación para trazar el camino […]

27 Ago 2015

Young people from different Christian churches from remote areas and from major urban centers in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia will be connected via internet tomorrow, August 28, to participate in the first on-line session of the International Diploma in Culture of peace, equity and sustainability. The Diploma, part of the project «Emprendemos Paz» carried […]

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