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27 Ene 2021
   Most people with disabilities in Nepal are dependent on others, as there is minimal care and support from the state. Many of them cannot afford individual medical equipment. That’s [...]
29 Jun 2020
ACT Alliance-members like Christian Aid concentrate on supporting the most vulnerable people affected in any emergency. Like the young mother Samjhana Thami in Nepal. Due to the various consequences of [...]
22 Ene 2020
Gender Justice is one of the strategic priorities of the ACT Alliance. In many countries, people with different sexual orientations and gender identities find themselves discriminated against and persecuted due [...]
17 Dic 2019
13th December 2019: ACT Alliance – Nepal Forum successfully completed a 3-day workshop on, ‘Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability’ in Lalitpur, Nepal. The workshop was attended by 28 [...]
07 Abr 2018
Building her own home has been a dream for Kali Kamini, known in her Nepali village as ‘Grandma’ – and her dream became reality thanks to ACT member The Lutheran [...]
04 Oct 2017
South Asia experienced the worst monsoon in decades with record high rainfall recorded in parts of Northern India, Bangladesh and Nepal over the last two weeks of August, 2017. Over [...]
21 Sep 2017
More than 300,000 families affected Incessant rainfall and floods have caused death and destruction in Southern Nepal. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), 143 people have been killed, [...]
11 May 2017
A group of ladies is crowded in front of Sumitra Thamis’s (33) house in Dolakha District, as if a gathering is taking place.  Sumitra is actually stitching clothes in her [...]
27 Mar 2017
(LWF) It was a foggy November morning in Kailali district, western Nepal, when Basanti Chaudhary (32) received a phone call. Her brother-in-law told her that she had won the N-Peace [...]
23 Mar 2017
  Commitment to combat gender inequality is a crucial and consistent core value for ACT Alliance member DanChurchAid and recognised as a cross cutting commitment. DCA aims to transform social, economic [...]
02 Feb 2017
(8.12.2016) – When neighbors attack her verbally, Rita Lama now presses the record button on her mobile phone.  “The recording is evidence if I have to fight a case in [...]
19 Ene 2017
ACT member LWF and Islamic Relief Worldwide train builders in quake-proof construction (LWI) – Tashi Tamang is busy. The 30-year-old mason from Ramche in Nepal’s central Rasuwa district has just [...]
17 Oct 2016
Thirteen-year-old Nima Chhiyog Lama still dreams about the small cozy room in her old house. A warm place, her family around her and the wood fire burning in the kitchen [...]
31 Ago 2016
Since responding to the devastating earthquake in Kashmir in 2005, Community World Service Asia has assumed a leadership role among aid organizations in Asia and has initiated and supported the [...]
10 May 2016
Life can get thrown of course in an instant. That’s what happened to 2.5 million Nepalese as the two massive earthquakes of April and May last year destroyed their homes. [...]
25 Abr 2016
This year and next year,ACT Alliance member Finn Church Aid (FCA) is constructing more transitional and semi-permanent learning centres with adequate water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in Nepal, extends its [...]
ACT Alliance General Secretary offers encouragement to Nepal earthquake survivors “I will share your stories with the rest of the world so that you will be supported in rebuilding your [...]
08 Abr 2016
“Brave the outside world” (LWI) – “The earthquake has united us and forced us to brave the outside world and find our strength.” In Nepal women are leading the rebuilding [...]
29 Ene 2016
Nepal: Reconstruction starts in model villages (LW) – It takes a village to rebuild one. Almost nine months after the earthquake that destroyed 600,000 buildings in Nepal, the people of [...]
18 Ene 2016
It is Saturday morning in Ghusel, a village in Lalitpur district which was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake that struck Nepal half a year ago. From the village square [...]
07 Oct 2015
RASUWA, Nepal, 7 October 2015 (LWI) – In Nepal, LWF Nepal and IRW signed an agreement to cooperate in humanitarian relief efforts. They walked for six hours on muddy trails, crossing [...]
14 Ago 2015
57,000 earthquake-affected people will be able to complete their intermediate shelters and protect themselves from the monsoons. After several discussions with government and other like-minded agencies working on the ground, [...]
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