30 Oct 2018

Plenary 4, in Main Hall

Duration: 9:00 - 11:00
Location: UKK

Information session

Plenary four introduces the assembly participants to three of the key decision making documents, which will come back to plenary for approval later in the day in plenary 5.  These include the Engagement Model for Membership, the revised ACT Statutes and the Global Strategy for ACT Alliance 2019 – 2026.  After each document is presented, there is an opportunity for a few questions of clarification from the floor.  Opportunities for more detailed discussions on these documents will be held in the regional meetings after the break. 

  • DOC 8 – Engagement Model for Membership- For information
  • DOC 9.1 – ACT Revised Statutes (version if DOC 8 approved)- For information
  • DOC 9.2 – ACT Revised Statutes (version if DOC 8 not approved)- For information
  • DOC 10 – Global Strategy for ACT Alliance 2019 – 2026- For information
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