Forums Good Practice Guide and ACT Forum Award

We are pleased to launch the Forums Good Practice Guide (GPG) and the ACT Forum Award (AFA) as a new space to further strengthen ACT forums as one of ACT Alliance basic structures and as meaningful arenas for ACT members to engage; providing an opportunity for ACT forums to share knowledge, expertise and experience.  This new tool was created with the collaboration of the ACT Global Accompaniment Group for Review of the ACT Policy on National and Regional Forums.

We believe the collection of good practices will help to demonstrate the ways in which ACT forums are implementing the ACT Forums Policy and encourage replication and adaptation of good practices across various forums; to promote wider collection of good practices both in quantity and quality and provide a chance to multiply their experience (go deeper), to share it regionally (go wider) or to explore ways for solution of other problems/challenges (to innovate).

The establishment of the ACT Forum Award, in turn, will celebrate and encourage those ACT members that contribute and engage with the work of the ACT forums in a joint initiative on implementation of ACT Global Strategic Aims; it will create a financial incentive to the collection of good practices by offering a small amount of seed funding as a prize/award to the forum that submitted the best example of good practice against agreed criteria. The award funding will then be used by the forum to implement an initiative in line with the ACT Global Strategy, which further encourages and highlights the work of forums in implementing the ACT Alliance mandate.


The Forum Good Practices should be particularly targeted to any of the following broad categories which are linked to the implementation of the ACT Alliance National, Sub-regional and Regional Forums Policy:

Objectives and functions of ACT Forums

  • Related to building trust and ACT governance, including strategic collaboration as part of the wider ecumenical movement and learning with other forums
  • Related to humanitarian, development and advocacy work of ACT Alliance
  • Related to ACT Alliance recognition and visibility

Membership in ACT Forums

  • Membership responsibilities
  • Guests

Organizing an ACT Forum

  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Structure and leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Emergency preparedness and response planning
  • Co-branding
  • Resourcing and Sustainability
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning


All the Forum Good Practices submitted will be judged on the extent to which they meet the following criteria:

  • ACT Forums Policy – Demonstrate how the good practice is directly linked to implementing one or more elements of the ACT Forums Policy.
  • Delivered tangible results which led to an actual change. There should be a clear link between the good practice and some visible or measurable change.
  • Demonstrate an innovative approach. This implies the capacity to demonstrate what is new or unique about the initiative – either its product or process.
  • Replicable in any context (anywhere) or in some regions. If not replicable around the world (or in the region) a justification needs to be provided.
  • ACT Global Strategy – provide a clear link of how the good practice and the proposed joint initiative (if the ACT Forum Award is won) contributes to the implementation of the ACT Global Strategy.

Procedure for submission

ACT forums will have the opportunity to submit their good practice in the online format. Each submission will then be marked according to the above criteria. All submissions from ACT forums will be compiled annually into a good practice online guide which will be accessible to all members on the ACT website.

In addition, a selection of Forum Good Practices will be specially featured on the ACT website, in ACT newsletters and in ACT’s social media where appropriate. These would be preferably in the form of videos or stories with photos, etc. The ACT Communications team will support the selected forums to produce this content.

Finally, a selection committee of four staff members of the ACT Secretariat will select the forum to have the ‘best’ example of good practice, who will additionally be awarded the ‘ACT Forum Award’, which includes visibility on the ACT website, ACT newsletters and social media, recognition in ACT Assembly and a certificate and prize of some seed money to fund a joint initiative.


From September 2017 till end January 2018 – Forums submit Good Practices to ACT secretariat

  • Forums submit good practices using online format

February to April 2018 – Secretariat revises submissions against criteria, compiles good practices and provides accompaniment

  • Secretariat revises submissions against criteria
  • Secretariat compiles all submissions and makes it available on ACT website under the Good Practice Guide online page
  • Secretariat selects up to 4 forums to accompany to profile their good practice with the support of ACT communications

May 2018 – Selection committee selects one forum which scores highest against agreed criteria and present them with the ACT Forum Award with associated visibility of their work on the ACT website and ACT newsletters and social media.

October 2018 – Forum Award ceremony at ACT General Assembly

For more information contact Gabriela Annequin, Junior Membership Administrator