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Par ses plaidoyers, l'Alliance ACT cherche à influencer les preneurs de décision, les politiques, structures et systèmes afin de créer un monde juste, durable et en paix. ACT vise à démultiplier les connaissances, l'expérience et les relations des membres d'ACT et des communautés influentes afin de promouvoir et plaider pour des lois, des politiques et pratiques justes à tous les niveaux.
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Les membres de l'Alliance ACT travaillent sur le développement transformationnel et durable à long terme dans 140 pays au monde. Pour l'Alliance ACT, le développent est profondément enraciné dans la croissance et la protection de la dignité humaine, la résilience communautaire et la durabilité environnementale.
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A travers ses différentes organisations membres, l'Alliance ACT s'efforce de répondre aux urgences dans le monde entier - locales ou globales, grandes ou petites - avec l'engagement oecuménique de répondre aux besoins des communautés les plus vulnérables.
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Dernières Plaidoyers

12 Déc 2018

Ongoing UN Climate talks in Katowice, Poland are at a critical stage. Negotiations have moved into bilateral talks between ministers and in the final days of the summit. These talks must deliver result. “We are concerned about the slow progress and we call on all delegates to acknowledge the urgency, and the need for scaled […]

20 Juin 2017

ACT Alliance, together with a range of other ecumenical actors, today issued a joint ecumenical statement for World Refugee Day 2017. Calling the unprecedented global refugee crisis “an opportunity to grow together,” the statement calls on all of us “to build bridges of solidarity rather than walls of division.” Reflecting on the statement’s assertion that, […]

Representatives of the ACT Alliance and Pusbinlat Motivator shaking hands
09 Juin 2017

PRESS RELEASE   TORONTO, Canada, 9 June 2017. The ACT Alliance Disaster Risk Reduction- Climate Change Adaptation Award (ACT DRR-CCA) for 2017 was awarded to the Lighthouse Project in Indonesia implemented by Pusbinlat Motivator Toraja Church in partnership with ACT Alliance members ; Bread for the World and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Presented during the 2017 Global […]

Dernières Développement

27 Août 2015

Young people from different Christian churches from remote areas and from major urban centers in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia will be connected via internet tomorrow, August 28, to participate in the first on-line session of the International Diploma in Culture of peace, equity and sustainability. The Diploma, part of the project « Emprendemos Paz » carried […]

20 Août 2015

Araga Danrani, 75, (pictured above: LWR/Emily Sollie) is a farmer living in Niger, in the West African Sahel. Over the past few years Niger and surrounding countries have experienced a combination of drought and rising food prices that has left more than 18.7 million people at risk for hunger. Not long ago Mr. Danrani had […]

14 Août 2015

A partner of the ACT Allliance Joint Programme in Zambia, the Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) has made a difference in the lives of a Solwezi based family after helping them reclaim land that had been grabbed from them by a named local Church. “I am very happy that our family land has been given back […]

Dernières Travail humanitaire

17 Oct 2016

  My name is Maria Isabel Gracia, I have four children and I live in Daule community, in central Guayas, Ecuador. It is very difficult to express what happened that day. It was around seven in the afternoon and I was taking care of the baby when the earthquake started. I could not move and […]

29 Sep 2016

  Abdullah Haddad, 46-year-old, is a hand master, preparing and repairing different things, though the current situation does not help him to provide for his family. The two elder sons were born with mental disorders. The elder one is 21 and the other one Shiraz is 18. They both attend a specialized center and the […]

18 Jan 2016

The current food insecurity crisis in Ethiopia appears to be a result of a combination of factors, including the pre-El Niño failure of the spring rains and the El Niño induced late onset, erratic and early cessation of the main summer rains. Click on the image to see the infographic  

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