Transformative Masculinities

Masculinities refers to the particular patterns of attitudes and behavior that are associated with ideals about how boys and men should behave and their position within gender relations. Women and men across the world are looking to shift from a masculinity that relies on dominance and abuse to traditional masculinities of mutual respect and understanding. Transformative masculinities are essential for the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. 

Why it’s important

  • Dominant forms of masculinity are often associated with gender-based violence, oppression of women and girls and dangerous sexual and reproductive practices. 
  • Faith-based groups around the world are contributing to tackling endemic gender-based violence and toxic masculinity. Action by men and boys is crucial to achieve gender justice.
  • Men continue to hold a greater percentage of positions of leadership. As such, men are in a crucial position to address gender justice and bring forward respectful masculinities to workplaces and communities. 
  • For men, negative stereotypes of masculinity can result in harmful emotional impact. Beyond the self, this can perpetuate generational cycles of violence and harm on families and communities.

What we are doing to help

ACT Alliance supports programs that integrate transformative masculinities and challenge andro-centric, patriarchal concepts of masculinity (power-over and domination) violate the full range of biblical, theological or cultural concepts of what it means to be human, and therefore do violence to boys and men by restricting their experience of being a human being, a creature made for mutuality, care and interdependence.




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Coming soon


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