Our work

We must be committed to ensure gender equality and identity as common values and inalienable human rights. For this reason ACT Alliance has launched its Gender Justice Programme to challenge patriarchy and other discriminatory structures of power.

To this end ACT Alliance will:

  • Promote capacity-building within the alliance, including the implementation of our gender justice policy, to strengthen and mobilise the commitment of faith leaders to become a positive force for gen- der justice.
  • Support ACT Alliance’s national, regional and sub-regional Forums in shaping and implementing gender sensitive and gender positive programmes, which in turn will promote gender justice at all levels.
  • Position itself as a positive and forward-looking advocate for gender justice, especially by contributing to the implementation of the SDGs and by connecting the local to the global sphere.
  • Ensure the programme providers buy in the gen- der justice vision and understand gender analysis and gender sensitive implementation.

In its programmatic work, ACT Alliance will focus on different thematic priorities, which will contribute to achieving the goals of the programme.



    Sexual and Gender – based Violence


    Economic Justice


    Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


    Transformative masculinity


    Family Law


    Migration and displacement


  • Toolkit for gender analysis | Mission 21

  • Toolkit for gender analysis (SP) | Mission 21

  • Cuaderno 1: Por Camino de Justicia | Mission 21

  • Cuaderno 2: Masculinidad para vida | Mission 21

  • Cuaderno 3: Vida Plena para la niñez y la adolescencia | Mission 21

  • Cuaderno 4: Comunidades y familias para la vida | Mission 21

  • Cuaderno 5: Recreación de la vida y relaciones sanas | Mission 21

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