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Through advocacy ACT Alliance seeks to influence decision makers, policies, structures, systems to bring about a just, peaceful and sustainable world. ACT leverages the knowledge, experience and member relationships, and the power communities, to advocate for just laws, policies and practices at all levels.
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ACT Alliance members work in long term transformational and sustainable development around the world and are at the forefront of this policy debate. For ACT development is deeply rooted in the growth and protection of human dignity, community resilience and environmental sustainability.
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Within the diversity of organisations that make up its membership, ACT Alliance endeavours to respond to emergencies around the world – local or global, large or small – with an ecumenical commitment to respond to the needs of communities when they are at their most vulnerable.
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Latest Advocacy

18 Jul 2019

  Cyclone Idai devastated large parts of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi when it made landfall in March 2019 in the city of Beira, Mozambique.  When the cyclone had passed on, much of Beira was underwater and severely damaged.  While the media continued to show the images of the devastation in Mozambique, Idai continued to track […]

Activists gathered in New York to #StandTogetherNow and demand that their governments step up action to achieve social, economic and environmental justice
17 Jul 2019

NEW YORK, 17 July 2019 – Activists from across the world today declared the Sustainable Development Goals – agreed by the international community in 2015 – under threat, due to inaction on climate change, rising inequality and increasing repression of peaceful civic activism continue to rise. Meeting alongside the High-Level Political Forum at the United […]

02 Jul 2019

The UN Human Rights Council is currently in session in Geneva. More than 40 NGO and networks signed a joint statement, delivered on Monday by the International Catholic Migration Commission, to express their worry on the widespread and growing violations of the human rights of migrants and an environment where those who seeks to protect […]

Latest Development

19 Feb 2019

After 60 years of isolation and armed conflict, Myanmar has embarked in a historic process of democratic and economic reform. However, according to UN women, one half of women are still out of the workforce.  The Rakhine state in the west part of Myanmar has a long history of settlements and migration. It is one […]

27 Dec 2018

Santino Deng Lou is an Education Supervisor from Aweil Town West Payam, in South Sudan. He has been working with the Girl Education South Sudan (GESS) project for some time and has seen first hand the critical role that this project has played in improving the status of young women and girls in the community. […]

16 Mar 2018

Related to building trust and ACT governance, including strategic collaboration as part of the wider ecumenical movement and learning with other forums Uganda Forum has excelled as one of the most exemplary and progressive forums in Africa and globally. These are some of the good practices we have undertaken: We have managed to recruit a […]

Latest Humanitarian

18 Jun 2019

The ACT South Sudan Forum organized a one-day validation workshop for the development of Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP) for South Sudan. The workshop was held on May 31, 2019 and brought together over 20 officials and invitees. Participants included delegates from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (MHADM), the South Sudan […]

07 Jun 2019

Written by: Arnice Ajawaila Arnice is an Emergency Response Coordinator of YEU— one of YAKKUM’s (Christian Foundation for Public Health) units which was established in 2001. Its core mandate is the delivery of inclusive emergency response. YEU works to articulate initiatives to build community resilience through community-led disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. After […]

NCCP- ACT Alliance volunteers from local churches give food relief packs to affected families. 135 families received emergency assistance. Photo: Noe Cenal/ACT Philippines Forum
03 Apr 2019

  Typhoon Ompong, internationally named Mangkhut, made landfall on September 15, 2018. The 900-km wide typhoon carried winds of up to 205 kph across four regions in Northern Luzon. According to the UN Office of Coordination for Humanitarian Action (UN OCHA), more than 1.6 million people were affected by the typhoon, most of whom were […]

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