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Through advocacy ACT Alliance seeks to influence decision makers, policies, structures, systems to bring about a just, peaceful and sustainable world. ACT leverages the knowledge, experience and member relationships, and the power communities, to advocate for just laws, policies and practices at all levels.
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ACT Alliance members work in long term transformational and sustainable development around the world and are at the forefront of this policy debate. For ACT development is deeply rooted in the growth and protection of human dignity, community resilience and environmental sustainability.
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Within the diversity of organisations that make up its membership, ACT Alliance endeavours to respond to emergencies around the world – local or global, large or small – with an ecumenical commitment to respond to the needs of communities when they are at their most vulnerable.
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Latest Advocacy

07 Aug 2020

Public Statement on peace and human rights along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border ACT Alliance welcomes the cessation of direct military action on the Armenian-Azerbaijan border last month. We urge the parties of the conflict to continue to respect the ceasefire and de-escalate the situation in order to avoid further casualties. We deeply regret all loss of […]

Grade 8 students participating in a class by radio in Kenya, supported by FCA. Photo: FCA
03 Aug 2020

ACT Alliance EU collaborated with Islamic Relief Worldwide, Caritas Europa and EU-CORD to address a significant gap in the COVID-19 response at EU level: engagement with religious leaders and faith communities. A large proportion of EU assistance is operational in countries and regions where religion and faith play a large part in shaping customs, practices […]

09 Jul 2020

As part of the Committee of Religious NGOS at the UN (CRNGO), the ACT Alliance is engaged in another official side event at the U.N. High Level Political Forum in New York. Take the unique opportunity to participate, as this year’s events are all online and accessible for everyone! A Shift in Mindset: Faith-Based Solutions […]

Latest Development

13 Nov 2019

ACT Alliance is weighing in on issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Global Summit on Population and Development, ICPD, being held in Nairobi from 12th to 14th of November. ICPD is an important moment, coming 25 years after the Cairo Summit introduced the UN Population Fund’s Programme of Action.  In Nairobi, […]

19 Feb 2019

After 60 years of isolation and armed conflict, Myanmar has embarked in a historic process of democratic and economic reform. However, according to UN women, one half of women are still out of the workforce.  The Rakhine state in the west part of Myanmar has a long history of settlements and migration. It is one […]

27 Dec 2018

Santino Deng Lou is an Education Supervisor from Aweil Town West Payam, in South Sudan. He has been working with the Girl Education South Sudan (GESS) project for some time and has seen first hand the critical role that this project has played in improving the status of young women and girls in the community. […]

Latest Humanitarian

Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) has trained volunteers in the Hobyo district to educate community members about the dangers of the Coronavirus
29 Jul 2020

ACT member Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) has trained volunteers in the Hobyo district to inform community members about the dangers of the Coronavirus. Nasteha Nor Abdi is 27 years old and lives in Wisil, a small town in the Hobyo district of eastern Somalia. Nasteha was trained as a volunteer health worker in May with Diakonie […]

The midwife of Nawdamorra Sub Health Center in Laghman province conducted an awareness session on COVID-19 to sensitize the women in the community. Photo: CWSA
07 May 2020

  The novel Coronavirus has affected every country in the world, bringing massive disruption in its wake. ACT Alliance responded by launching a global appeal and rapid response fund (RRF) programme.  ACT’s RRF is designed to fund local, national members in responding to humanitarian need in the face of crises.  Over 35 national members submitted […]

FCA community mobilizer distributes materials on the prevention of COVID19. Photo: Mohamed Ibrahim/FCA Somalia
29 Apr 2020

  ACT Alliance member Finn Church Aid has launched a preventative campaign against the spread of COVID-19 in schools and Internally Displaced People (IDP) settlements in the South West State of Baidoa, Somalia. In light of the global outbreak of COVID-19, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE) of the South West State […]

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