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Through advocacy ACT Alliance seeks to influence decision makers, policies, structures, systems to bring about a just, peaceful and sustainable world. ACT leverages the knowledge, experience and member relationships, and the power communities, to advocate for just laws, policies and practices at all levels. ACT's advocacy strategy can be found here.
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ACT Alliance members work in long term transformational and sustainable development around the world and are at the forefront of this policy debate. For ACT development is deeply rooted in the growth and protection of human dignity, community resilience and environmental sustainability.
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Within the diversity of organisations that make up its membership, ACT Alliance endeavours to respond to emergencies around the world – local or global, large or small – with an ecumenical commitment to respond to the needs of communities when they are at their most vulnerable.
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Latest Advocacy

Fernanda Zúñiga Keim participating in a prayer vigil in the closing hours of COP25 in Madrid, Spain. Photo: Simon Chambers/ACT
08 Jun 2021

Fernanda Zúñiga Keim, Lutheran Church in Chile, recorded vlog for ACT as we continue to follow the climate negotiations happening this month online in preparation for COP26 in Glasgow later this year.  The English translation of her vlog is below: According to the IPCC, climate change will not only affect the different regions of the […]

07 Jun 2021

The ACT Palestine Forum has published the following statement on health care access to Gaza: The ACT Palestine Forum is deeply concerned about the devastation caused by the recent military operations in the Gaza Strip. The loss of lives, displacement of tens of thousands of people, destruction of civilian buildings and healthcare infrastructure, deprivation of access to basic humanitarian needs including food, water and […]

Churches supporting climate justice banner

The UNFCCC climate negotiations started again on May 31, 2021 against a background of predicted forecasts that are not good, in fact, bad:  The World Meteorological Organization reports a 40% chance that global temperatures could reach 1.5 degrees C years sooner than the decade long timeframe given in 2018, and a 90% chance that they […]

Latest Development

ACT members were the first agencies to bring relief supplies to villages in Nhamatanda District in Mozambique after the Cyclone Idai. ACT Alliance provided life-saving humanitarian relief after Cyclone Idai affected hundreds of thousands in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi in 2019. Photo: Photo: Alwynn Javier/ACT
21 Apr 2021

This article is reprinted with permission of the World Council of Churches. Read the original article here. The World Council of Churches (WCC) and the ACT Alliance have announced the pilot of a “learning process” in Malawi and Cameroon that will lead to a model for strong collaboration in many other countries as well.  At […]

25 Mar 2021

The ACT Alliance’s strategic goal is to provide effective, efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering assistance that contributes to long-term solutions. Thus, ACT national forums and members engag​e local partners and communities, including local faith actors​, in delivering humanitarian response. ACT-member Christian Aid after six years of highly engaged work​, is leaving Nepal, handing over its projects […]

13 Nov 2019

ACT Alliance is weighing in on issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the Global Summit on Population and Development, ICPD, being held in Nairobi from 12th to 14th of November. ICPD is an important moment, coming 25 years after the Cairo Summit introduced the UN Population Fund’s Programme of Action.  In Nairobi, […]

Latest Humanitarian

14 May 2021

Several ACT Alliance-members have been working in Nepal for years and have strong networks in the country. Bidyanath Bhurtel, Forum Convenor and ICCO Cooperation Country director, explains how the members respond to the second COVID-wave in the country, currently facing the highest positivity and production rates in the world.   After the first COVID-wave in […]

05 May 2021

India is facing a unique challenge caused by a new variant of the COVID-19 virus spreading over the country in record time. Since the beginning of April 2021, the daily caseload has more than doubled to over 350,000 newly infected people a day. What’s the response of India’s ACT-Forum? We spoke with Joseph Sahayam, the […]

28 Apr 2021

It is now over one year since the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside down. ACT, together with Religions for Peace, issued a joint statement on COVID-19 on March 26th 2020 in the early days of the pandemic, and has continued to work on responding to COVID-19 ever since. In this article, we would like to […]

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