Appeals and Rapid Response Funds

Indonesia: Relief assistance to earthquake-affected communities in North Lombok – No. RRF 11/2018

13 Aug 2018

In the afternoon of Sunday, 05 August 2018, the district of North Lombok and East Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake at 6:46 PM Indonesia local time. This earthquake exacerbated damage in areas previously affected by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on 29 July 2018, which killed 17 people and […]

Guatemala: Emergency response to the volcanic eruption – GTM181

02 Jul 2018

The Fuego Volcano, located 27 miles southwest of Guatemala City, erupted around noon on Sunday, June 3, 2018. According to CONRED, Guatemala’s national civil protection authority, the death toll has reached 113. The agency says that in addition, 58 individuals were injured, 197 are missing, 3,557 are staying in shelters, and 12,407 were been evacuated […]

Serbia: Emergency Response to the Floods in Sumadija, West, South and East Serbia – No.RRF 10/2018

26 Jun 2018

On 13 June 2018 five districts in Serbia (Branicevo, Kolubara, Sumadija, Podunavlje, Pomoravlje, in East and West Serbia and Sumadija) are affected with sudden heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and in some parts incessant rains. On 15 June the Serbian Ministry for Internal Affairs, Sector for Emergency Situations declared state of emergency in these five districts. On […]

Ethiopia: Emergency Response to Landslides in the South Nations Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR Region) – No. RRF 11/2018.

26 Jun 2018

In the evening of Saturday the 26 May 2018, the regions of Gamo Goffa zone and Sidama Zone in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR) Region in Ethiopia were affected by a landslide caused by heavy torrential rains between May 24th-26th for three consecutive days, resulting in 34 deaths. Through a rapid response intervention, Ethiopian […]

Cuba: Emergency Response to Floods in Sancti Spíritus-No.RRF 9/2018

18 Jun 2018

As of 25 May 2018, sub-tropical storm Alberto, with maximum sustained winds of 65 km/hour, passed over Cuba and brought torrential rainfalls (4 inches of water in 24 hours) causing overflowing of rivers and streams. According to the Ministry of Interior, flood waters swept away a bridge and damaged roads and other infrastructure, leaving many […]

Tanzania: Emergency Response to Flood affected populations in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania – RRF No.07/2018

18 Jun 2018

During the night of Wednesday the 30th May 2018, the town of Marwa, Ruvu Mferejini and Ruvu Jiungeni in SAME District, Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania, was severely hit by overflow of river Ruvu and Nyumba ya Mungu Dam. On this night an overflow caused displacement of households, interrupted communication, swept away termed animals and crop fields. […]

Guatemala: Emergency response to the volcano eruption – GT181 (Concept Note)

11 Jun 2018

The Fuego Volcano, located 27 miles southwest of Guatemala City, erupted around noon on Sunday, June 3, 2018. According to CONRED, Guatemala’s national civil protection authority, the death toll has reached 109. The agency says that in addition, 58 people were injured, 197 people are missing, the number of people in shelters are 4137, 12,407people […]

Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT): Emergency Response – PSE181

01 Jun 2018

Since 30 March 2018, the Gaza Strip has witnessed an enormous increase in Palestinian casualties in the context of mass demonstrations taking place along Israel’s perimeter fence with Gaza. The demonstrations have occurred as part of the ‘Great March of Return’, a series of mass protests, expected to continue up to 5 June. The large […]

Kenya: Flood Emergency and Early Recovery – KEN181(Concept Note)

31 May 2018

According to Kenya Flood Response Update by UNICEF dated 19 May 2018, at least 332,000 people have been displaced by floods in Kenya and 183 have lost their lives. The update cites that 20 out of 47 counties are affected. According to Kenya Meteorological Department, the rains will continue to the second half of 2018 […]

Egypt: Emergency Assistance to Fire Affected People in El Sultan Hasan – RRF No.06/2018

23 May 2018

In the afternoon  of Thursday 10 May 2018, in the town of El-Sultan Hassan village – a slum area, El Minya Governorate in Egypt an electric short circuit caused fire in one of the village houses. This spark caused the entire house to catch flame. The barns where built of wooden beams and palm branches, […]

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