Syria: Developing the Resilience of Affected People as a result of the Syria Protracted Crisis and COVID-19 – SYR211

1st February 2021

As the Syria crisis entered its tenth year, civilians continue to bear the brunt of the conflict with an estimated 6.1 million internally displaced person and 1.4 million returnees.

The impact of the conflict which is large and growing pushed millions of people into unemployment and poverty. The international sanctions especially the Caesar Act that took effect on 17 June 2020 are tightening the stranglehold on Syria’s economy and increasing the suffering among the Syrian people first and foremost and making the plight of ordinary Syrians even more desperate.

On top of all these, the COVID-19 pandemic still poses serious public health risks and caused  more loss of the Syrian  economy, worsening the impoverished situation of the most vulnerable people.

Syria ACT forum members LWF and MECC  will respond to the humanitarian crisis with an appeal to raise USD 2,991,360 to build the resilience of the affected communities and continue addressing the most pressing multi sectorial basic needs in Syria.

Updates, 27/4/2021:

The update is only concerning the funding approach to the appeal due to the bank new regulations concerning Syria. ACT needs to have approval of our bank’s compliance department before being able to receive funds for Syria. Therefore, please inform ACT about intention to send any contributions for Syria BEFORE sending funds to ACT. As ACT will request approval and inform the funding members and donors to send the funds to ACT when the request is approved. Any funds sent without this approval will be rejected by our bank and may jeopardize ACT’s ability to receive funds for Syria. Please refer to P5 of the updated appeal.

UPDATED SYR211 Appeal – Syria Crisis

SYR211 Appeal -Syria Crisis

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