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Poor communities in the Philippines’ typhoon-hit regions remain underserved

19 Nov 2020
She knows that “help is not coming” and the only way to keep body and soul together after three devastating typhoons is “to beg for aid.” For two weeks now, [...]

Radio: a great way to promote disaster risk reduction in Sulawesi

12 Nov 2020
    Soon after the severe earthquake and tsunami of 2018 in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province, ACT member ICAHS-PELKESI started to share information for the communities affected by radio. Members [...]

Amity Foundation: Many ways of support by church-related partners in the COVID-response

14 Jul 2020
Backed by a vast network of alliances, partners and friends, Amity enhances cross-sectoral cooperation among communities, social organizations, churches and church-related institutions, local government, enterprises and academia. After supporting the [...]

Bangladesh Forum: Focussing on strengths

14 Jul 2020
Due to the COVID pandemic and the safety and security issues associated with it, the Bangladesh Forum’s traditional logistics systems fully collapsed. In an interview, Convenor Shakeb Nabi describes the [...]

FCA’s COVID-19 response in Kenya

Grade 8 students participating in a class by radio in Kenya, supported by FCA. Photo: FCA
10 Jul 2020
Grade 8 students participating in a class by radio in Kenya, supported by FCA. Photo: FCA On the 15th March 2020, His Excellency, Uhuru Kenyatta, president of Kenya, ordered the [...]

New report backing calls for Universal social protection

07 Jul 2020
One of the most highly charged debates in social protection is how best to undertake targeting: while some social protection practitioners are passionate advocates of income testing (or poverty targeting), [...]

Cambodia: Effective information on COVID-19 on community level

29 Jun 2020
In times of pandemics, well informed and organized communities are crucial for containing the disease. Therefore, ACT-member Life with Dignity (LWD) supports people focused on awareness raising in Cambodian communities [...]

Nepal: Assistance to pregnant and lactating women

29 Jun 2020
ACT Alliance-members like Christian Aid concentrate on supporting the most vulnerable people affected in any emergency. Like the young mother Samjhana Thami in Nepal. Due to the various consequences of [...]

Webinar on the impact of counter-terror regulations and policies

19 Jun 2020
ACT-member Community World Service Asia and Human Security Collective (HSC) are jointly hosting this webinar on FATF and COVID-19 on June 25th, 2020. National and international efforts to counter the [...]

United Church of Christ offers coronavirus resources

11 May 2020
As news of the health threat posed by the coronavirus continues to unfold, the United Church of Christ and its Disaster Ministries are sharing new, original resources with guidance for [...]
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