ACT Ethiopia Forum takes home ACT’s Good Forum Practice Award

ACT Alliance is pleased to present the Good Forum Practice Award to the ACT Ethiopia Forum. The Good Forums Practice Award was launched in 2017. The initiative aims to strengthen the Alliance through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experiences of ACT Forums around the world.

The ACT Ethiopia Forum has demonstrated its engagement with other forums in the Alliance on ACT’s Global Strategic Aims. Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), ACT’s Ethiopia Forum mapped its presence in various sectors throughout Ethiopia. The Forum made use of GIS technology to demonstrate the diversity and reach of ACT at a national level. The GIS map provides an opportunity to identify potential areas for cooperation and leverages the alliance as a key national partner in humanitarian and development work.

Mr Girma Borishie Bati, from the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Development and Social Services Commission(EECMY-DASSC), received the award on behalf of the Forum.

“On behalf of the ACT Ethiopia Forum, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to ACT Alliance for preparing such an inspiring mechanism to encourage forums,” said Mr Borishie Bati.

“We know very well that we’re not perfect but we are moving towards better country-level collaboration and coordination with an enhanced capacity and commitment for the implementation of projects on the ground, putting people first as much as possible,” he continued.

The Forum has received USD 5,000 in seed funding to implement an initiative in line with ACT’s Global Strategy.

ACT hopes that the collection of good practices will help to celebrate, motivate and encourage forums to work together effectively.“This award and certificate of recognition will substantially motivate us as members of the Alliance, to work hard, hand in hand to sustain and further strengthen our collaboration and coordination in the future to promote and realise the underlying strategic objectives of ACT Alliance,” said Mr Borishie Bati.

More on the work of ACT Ethiopia Forum is available here.