ACT’s new membership model strengthens forums, facilitates engagement of smaller actors

Delegates of the 3rdGeneral Assembly of ACT Alliance have approved a new engagement model for membership, which enhances the role of the forums and facilitates the application process of smaller churches and church related organizations.

“The new model is the fruit of the search for more inclusive membership to the Alliance through a system that fosters active engagement”, Rev. Dr Cornelia Fühlkrug-Weizel, on behalf of ACT’s Membership and Nominations Committee.

The new membership model establishes that the Income Based Fee (IBF), previously indexed to members with income above USD 1 million, is now set at USD 5 million.

Substantial changes in the membership model also include adjustment and destination of the membership fee. Starting in 2020, the membership contribution will be calculated according to the potential of each member and paid directly to its respective national or regional forum – in local currency or in kind.  Forums will be able to use the funds generated by the new membership fee model to support their work as a forum.

The new engagement model for membership was elaborated in cooperation between ACT’s governing board and the secretariat.