PASSING THE LEADERSHIP BATON – a message from Dr Sushant Agrawal

It is a matter of hours before delegates of the third ACT Alliance General Assembly will elect a new moderator to lead ACT’s Governing Board.

Coming to a near completion of his four-year term, Dr Sushant Agrawal, Director of ACT member Churches’ Auxiliary for Social Action, is pleased to hand over the leadership baton with a message for the candidates.

“My best wishes are with the candidates. Whoever wins must keep in mind that socio-political challenges are emerging rapidly and that the world is changing fast. ACT Alliance will need to be flexible to respond.”

Reflecting on the new Global Strategy, Mr Agrawal said, “the new ACT strategy is contextual and progressive. Changing the strategy period from four years to eight years is good as it gives a timeframe for mid-course evaluation and a chance to re-adjust to any contextual challenges that may arise.”

The new membership engagement model that has been passed is a historic decision. It will allow members to engage at local, national and global levels and will present the Alliance with an immense range of opportunities,” he continued.

“I think that the bigger challenge for ACT is financial sustainability – particularly for the Secretariat. We can raise funds from other networks but I think that the new Governing Board could consider developing a system to assist ACT to become a self-financing structure,” he concluded.

Dr Agrawal’s association with ACT Alliance goes beyond serving as moderator since 2014, he has contributed to giving local actors and partners a platform to have their voice heard, and the ACT Alliance family would like to thank Dr Agrawal for his service.