Message of Hope for Ukraine

On Oct 10, 2023, we are celebrating World Mental Health Day themed “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right.”

ACT Alliance recognizes this universal right as well as the rising needs of the traumatized nation of Ukraine by prioritizing psychosocial support to the refugees. On top of its professional services, ACT offers a message of hope through the spiritual consolation of its faith leaders.   

We invite you to read the inspiring stories of those who received our support.

In 2023, the humanitarian crisis stemming from the war in Ukraine and its neighbouring nations persists, impacting millions of lives and devastating communities, infrastructure, and livelihoods. As we approach a second winter of conflict, this booklet aims to shed light on the crucial psychosocial support ACT Alliance members are providing in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova.

 We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. We encourage you to stay updated on our activities through our website and social media platforms.

Your continued support is vital in addressing the needs of displaced Ukrainians and host communities.

Find the booklet here