Jun 17, 2016

ACT Alliance online security induction course
Photo: SSCP website

Photo: SSCP website


The ACT online security induction course is a useful tool for introducing new staff to some of the safety & security issues they may face in their work with the aid sector.

The course which is online on the ACT Safety & Security Community of Practice (SSCP) website features twelve modules consisting of a short video presentation and series of questions that must be answered by the user to proceed to the next topic. The course is set up so that if a user has to stop, or loses internet connection, their progress is saved for their next log in.

On completing the course, the user and their line manager receive an email informing them of the successful completion. The ACT Safety & Security Community of Practice (SSCP) encourages all ACT Members to make use of the course, and all our other security tools, to fulfil their duty of care and keep their staff safe as we do our valuable work around the world.