ACT Colombia Forum statement on peace and security in Colombia

We, the ACT Colombia Forum, as part of the ecumenical family and as international organizations with presence in Colombia, promote and defend human rights and international humanitarian law from a human dignity perspective, and we have the fundamental task of continuing to accompany the Final Peace Agreement implementation process, as well as making visible and respond to the humanitarian situation of the most remote and affected communities in this country.

Concerning the decision of a group of ex-combatants of the former FARC-EP to return to armed struggle, and the uncertainty that this generates, we call on the national Government, the international community, the Colombian society and the media to:

  • Recognize the positive developments of the Final Peace Agreement since its signing; recognize the lives that it has changed and the violence that it has prevented.
  • Accompany ex-combatants who continue to be linked to the process despite the threat of violence against them, and comply with what was agreed for them and their families in the Final Peace Agreement.
  • Promote a message of forgiveness, reconciliation and justice, which play a fundamental role in the building of peace and the restoration of human relations and social tissue; we express the willingness of our churches to support these processes.
  • Protect the lives of those who work for peace and the defence of human rights.
  • Insist on the resumption of the negotiation table between the National Government and the ELN guerrilla, understanding that the only way out of the conflict is dialogue.

September 06, 2019

Signed by the following Forum member and guest organizations:






Statement in Spanish.