ACT COP27 Media Release: No more time to waste

Today, the UN climate summit, COP27, begins on a dull note. Recent reports from IPCC, the OECD, UNFCCC and UNEP indicate that the climate crisis is reaching its tipping point, and that previous COP promises have not been kept. Emissions have not been reduced, and climate finance is inadequate or not mobilised at scale.  

The world faces huge climate challenges. If not addressed they will impact communities around the world, especially the most vulnerable. Governments must implement urgent measures and stop postponing action. There is no more time to waste. 

The food crisis, the energy crisis, inflation, and several armed conflicts are already affecting people and communities around the world. But these crises will be exacerbated by climate impacts if sustainable solutions are not put in place, and soon. While COP27 has a mandate to address the climate crisis, the other emergencies must also be acknowledged, and world leaders must consider the links between them.  

Sostina Takure, ACT Zimbabwe Forum coordinator, says: 

  • “This summit must become a success. The world cannot wait anymore. Lives and livelihoods are being destroyed as people and communities continue to face the effects of climate change.”  
  • “God’s creation is threatened. It is our responsibility to restore balance, and to find solutions to climate change.”  

COP27 has a heavy agenda. An ambitious result must include an agreement to address loss and damage; commitments that enable adaptation, leaving nobody behind; the provision and mobilisation of climate finance; and real and enhanced commitments to reduce emissions.  

Unfortunately, the debates are polarised, and developed and developing countries remain far apart. To reach agreement, existing differences and disagreements must be abandoned, and the discussions must focus on what matters most: the future of humanity and creation. 

Mattias Söderberg, co-chair of the ACT Alliance climate justice group, says: 

  • “World leaders must never forget that their negotiations have a direct effect on vulnerable communities. If ambition is not scaled up people will suffer.”  
  • “Loss and damage has been discussed for more than 30 years. It is time for this discussion to deliver concrete results. At this summit we want to see commitments to deliver new loss and damage finance that is in addition to existing financial pledges.”  

Julius Mbatia, ACT Alliance climate justice focal point, adds: 

  • “COP 27 sets the stage for a global demonstration of solidarity with all suffering communities and nations. This year’s climate talks must deliver nothing short of an outcome that puts forward multilateral climate decisions and solutions that work for the climate system and people.”  

ACT Alliance is a global faith-based coalition of more than 140 members operating in more than 120 countries and part of a larger ecumenical delegation at COP27.  

Together we will call for climate justice and remind parties that their negotiations should not leave anyone behind.  

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Simon Chambers,; +1 416 435-0972