ACT launches COVID-19 sub-appeals

Following up on its 14 Rapid Response Fund (RRF) projects responding to COVID-19 around the world, ACT Alliance has launched the first 6 sub-appeals within its overall Global COVID-19 Appeal.  The sub-appeals are for Bangladesh, the Caribbean region (Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic), Jordan, Palestine, Somalia, and South Sudan. More sub-appeals will be forthcoming in the next few months.

Within ACT’s humanitarian response mechanism, Rapid Response Funds are for shorter-term projects, led by national members, with a more local scope and budget.  Appeals have a longer time horizon, engage both national and international members, have a larger budget, and often a broader scope. 

ACT’s Global COVID-19 Appeal incorporates both RRFs and appeals, working to meet the needs of communities as identified by ACT members in many countries. More information on the global appeal can be found here.

The 6 sub-appeals respond to the unique situation in each of the countries/regions represented, and will address a variety of needs:

Bangladesh ($998,638)- 3,825 refugee and host community households will receive livelihood and food security support, community-based hygiene education, and the communities’ health care facilities will be better able to prevent and respond to COVID-19 infections.

Caribbean ($749,683)- 12,245 households in Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic will benefit from health, food security, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), psychosocial support, and gender justice work through this sub-appeal.

Jordan ($844,960)- 10,255 refugee and host community households particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 will receive support towards their basic needs of shelter, protection, food security, livelihoods, and WASH.

Palestine ($634,398)- 15,667 refugee and non-displaced affected households will benefit from public health education and access, vouchers or cash to provide food and hygiene, psychosocial support, and increased protection, assistance and advocacy for refugees particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

Somalia ($1,000,000)- 16,900 IDP, host population, and non-displaced affected households will benefit from improved access to WASH, hand hygiene education, nutritional support, access to education during and after COVID-19, psychosocial support and social protection.

South Sudan ($989,942)- 18,967 households, including refugees, IDPs, returnees, host population, and others will benefit from timely and accurate information on COVID-19, healthcare services to help prevent, manage, and stop the spread of the virus, hygiene training, access to gender-sensitive WASH, food security and livelihood support, disaster risk reduction work to decrease vulnerability, and health care supplies and equipment, training, and psychosocial support for affected communities.

To support the ACT Global COVID-19 Appeal and its sub-appeals, please email Line Hempel [], Director of Operations for ACT Alliance.