ACT Palestine Forum deeply concerned about the latest development in the Gaza Strip

ACT Palestine Forum is deeply concerned about the latest development in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, since 12 November, 34 Palestinians have been killed and another 111 injured . Eight of those killed were children and three were women. Among those injured are 46 children and 20 women.

Violence escalated after Israeli forces killed the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, in an air raid targeting his home in Gaza City.

We in ACT Palestine forum condemn the indiscriminate attacks by the Israeli Military Forces on civilians. “While we do not condone the firing of rockets on populated areas, we see this latest exchange of fire as a result of targeted killings in the absence of a credible political process between Palestinians and Israelis that would  see an end to the ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip and to the human and basic rights infractions suffered by the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.”

According to ACT members working in Gaza, the latest violence has further deteriorated the already dire humanitarian situation on the ground.

The ACT Palestine Forum is closely monitoring the situation, and stand ready to activate the Forum’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan while continuing the implementation of the current ACT Appeal