ACT Syria Forum sends message to Brussels Conference

In an effort to ensure continued international support for Syrian refugees and their host communities, the European Union is hosting the seventh Brussels Conference on ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region‘ 14 and 15 June 2023. The Brussels Conference aims at reasserting the international community’s commitment towards Syrians.  It will provide a unique platform for dialogue with civil society.

The ACT Syria Forum has submitted a statement to the conference calling for:

  • Humanitarian exemptions which extend beyond the earthquake response and are clear, open-ended and harmonized between jurisdictions; 
  • A comprehensive revision of the sanctions’ framework from a legal perspective, in regard to the International Law;
  • A sincere analysis of the sanction’s intended, unintended, and counterproductive impacts on the population of Syria from a humanitarian perspective; and 
  • Support for national and international organizations in engaging in interventions focusing on re-establishing the access to essential infrastructures to respond to the basic needs of the population on a sustainable manner. 

All the sessions of the Conference will be live-streamed here.

Read the ACT Syria Forum statement here.