Annexation will undermine peace and justice

ACT Alliance joins with the World Council of Churches, Lutheran World Federation, and World Communion of Reformed Churches in issuing an ecumenical statement on the planned annexation of Occupied Palestinian Territory.

“Annexation of such territories is in direct violation of international law and goes against several international agreements, UN General Assembly and Security Council resolutions, the 2004 advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice, and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949,” the statement reads.

“The planned annexation of Palestinian territories by the Government of Israel would be a serious obstacle for the achievement of justice and peace between Israelis and Palestinians,” the statement continues. “It will undermine even more the rights of Palestinians, reducing their mobility, their access to land and livelihoods, to adequate infrastructure and basic services. It will increase forced displacement, and it could prevent humanitarian organizations’ access in order to provide basic services and the necessary lifesaving interventions. ”

ACT, LWF, WCC and WCRC call on:

  • The churches and related organizations around the world to continue manifesting their solidarity and support for the recognition and protection of the rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories.
  • The churches and related organizations around the world to continue to support negotiations between Israel and Palestine for a solution according to international law and UN resolutions and to accompany all those working for peace and reconciliation, including Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of other faiths.
  • The international community to advocate for the end of the occupation of the 1967 territories and of the blockade of Gaza, to oppose the plans for annexation, and hold the Government of Israel accountable to its international obligations as the occupying power.

The full statement can be read here.