Bonn climate session should make progress towards the Paris outcome

As hundreds of government officials from across the world return to Bonn in one of their last bids to hammer out components of a climate agreement in time for the Paris, ACT Alliance is cautiously optimistic that a meaningful agreement is still within reach.

“With barely three months before the Paris summit, we in ACT Alliance, like many other climate justice oriented networks and organisations, have increased our efforts towards raising awareness on the critical importance of ambitious climate action,” says John Nduna, ACT General Secretary.

The alliance has been engaging since the beginning of the year in advocacy for climate justice and has together with its members and partners launched the ‘act now for climate justice’ campaigns in all regions of the world.

“We have spoken with many governments who have indicated to us that they are making effort towards an agreement in Paris that will curb emissions and protect millions of people and communities already affected by the impacts of climate change,” says Nduna.

Since there already is a draft agreement on the table, it is expected that negotiators will do their utmost over the next few days in Bonn to move the negotiations forward. ACT Alliance will have a delegation in Bonn for the entire period.

“At the end of this session, we want to conclude that there has been progress. Even though every country has its own priorities, now is the time to look for shared solutions. Bonn must move the negotiations closer to an agreement,” says Mattias Soderberg, Chair of the ACT Alliance advisory group on climate change advocacy.

ACT Alliance, as one of the largest humanitarian networks in the word, has been giving humanitarian aid to communities affected by severe floods, droughts and other impacts of climate change. In Pakistan, for example, members of the alliance are assisting communities that have been suffering the impacts of flooding for the last 3 months due to unprecedented increase in precipitation.

‘We are increasingly receiving many requests for humanitarian support to respond to different impacts of climate change,” says Nduna.

Meanwhile a 6500km Pan Africa Cycling Caravan for Climate Justice will be launched in Mozambique, to coincide with the beginning of the Bonn session. The cyclists will go through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and finally Kenya. This is one of the initiatives of the ACT Alliance climate ‘act now for climate justice’ campaign, which will culminate in Paris, during COP 21.



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