Climate finance action by faith groups at COP26 [Press release COP26]

Need some visuals for your story on finance at COP26?

Join ACT Alliance, Christian Aid and members of other faith-based organisations for an action on climate finance that will explain the issues from the perspective of communities in the Global South in a simple and direct way.

Two banners, including an NSF cheque from developed nations to lesser developed nations, and a visual representation (with chocolate coins) of the differences in the amounts of money going to Adaptation, Mitigation and Loss and Damage will illustrate the issues that many developing nations have with:

  • the current climate finance situation,
  • the need for increased ambition for new and additional funding for loss and damage through the Santiago network, and
  • an increased share of existing climate finance for adaptation work.

When: Wednesday, November 3, 12:30pm.

Where: Hall D, in front of the restaurant corridor, at the white wall where there are some chairs

Who: (to be confirmed) Interviews can be made available for

  • Julius Mbatia, Kenya. Climate Justice Programme Manager, ACT Alliance.
  • Patriciah Roy Akulloh, Uganda. Climate Justice Group Co-chair
  • Jennifer Larbie Omodara, UK Advocacy and Policy Lead, Christian Aid

Media contact:

Simon Chambers, Director of Communications, ACT Alliance
Mobile: +44 7423 277 440