COP28 Press release: media stunt- house of cards collapse to highlight crumbling climate financial architecture

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8 December 2023 – ACT Alliance will be holding a media action at COP28 highlighting the weakness of the climate financial architecture, which has been failing to deliver for vulnerable countries who urgently need support to deal with the growing impacts of climate change.
The media action will consist of activists with banners, chanting, telling stories of the need for climate finance and climate justice, and building a house of cards, which will then be collapsed representing the dangers of a lack of robust climate financial architecture.  Interviews will be available with global faith based climate activists.
Where: Action zone 9, near the main entrance to the Blue Zone
When: December 8, 16:00-16:30
Climate finance is essential to implementing climate action, yet so far rich countries have failed to deliver on their promises. At COP28 this year, the Global Stocktake (GST) is predicted to affirm what we already know: we are completely off track to meet our international climate goals.  
Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement will be impossible without the immediate mobilisation of finance, to support countries to reduce carbon emissions, adapt to the advancing impacts of climate change, or compensate for the loss and damage already happening. At COP28, ACT Alliance will be reiterating its call for rich countries to pay up, by pledging significant levels of climate finance which is new and additional, public, and grants based.
Media contact:
Simon Chambers, Director of Communications, ACT Alliance
WhatsApp: +1-416-435-0972