Creative incubator for young Surinam talent

Dutch entrepreneurs use their ICT-knowledge to offer young, talented Suriname people a job and an income. They do this in co-creation with ICCO. Youngsters in the rural areas of Suriname hardly have any access to professional education. Because of this, companies in these regions have problems finding good educated staff. Consequence is that the economic development in these areas stays behind. The lack of professional education is not the only reason Suriname stays behind. Children are being raised different then in the Netherlands. A passive, docile attitude is the norm. While in the ICT-branch initiative, teamwork and taking responsibility are wanted.

The Dutch company Us Media started in 2007, together with its Surinam partner Spang Makandra, a course for 20 youngsters from rural and secluded areas. The students developed themselves with success in the area of ICT and are working on a positive, assertive work ethic. Nine young talents found a job with Spang Makandra in 2012. Because of the success of the course, there will be a continuation. Us Media, ICCO and other investors have developed the Spang Campus with professional courses, training and high-tech education facilities for young Surinam talent. Us Media and ICCO are convinced that a combination of strong entrepreneurship and good cooperation can make a difference and achieve success. Therefore they invest in the foundation of a strong creative industry in Suriname.

ICCO wants to make the job market available for youngsters from secluded rural areas. A professional course and training helps young people to get a good job later on. The campus in Paramaribo is a place where students can meet and learn from each other. After its start the campus has to become financially independent and a commercial company, it has to develop new activities and spread them over the Caribbean region.

The campus offers cheap professional qualifying courses that can be taught from a distance in an active way. This way youngsters, that often come from the rural areas of Suriname, can be educated from home. The innovative campus in Paramaribo is a creative nest for young talent. Here they can meet, live, get inspired and learn from each other and trainers. By following the professional education from a distance, chances for work for rural Surinam youngsters increases. The costs for this form of education is kept as low as possible, so that a lot of young people can participate. Besides this, a lot of ICT-companies get a steady supply of new and educated people.