Displacement and return in the DRC

Historical violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) between 1994 and 2003 led to the loss of an estimated 5 million lives.

While violence has subsided to a large extent, in 2014 renewed conflict in the country displaced an estimated 150,000 households, many of them crossing the border to Uganda.

But the gradual restoration of security in the Kamango region of the DRC resulted in the spontaneous return of more than 60,000 people to the area, most coming back from Uganda.

Strongholds under the control of rebels were taken over by the regular army, and local authorities encouraged the return of displaced people.

Assistance from ACT

The focus of the ACT appeal was North Kivu province of the eastern DRC, including the Kamango refugee camp in the Beni territory, where members worked with 48,000 returned people; and in the Rutshuru territory with 24,000 returned people.

The ACT response revolved around food security, nutrition for 3,350 malnourished children, access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation, and psychosocial support.