Oct 17, 2016

Earthquake in Ecuador – Voices from the people we serve
Credit: CLAI

Credit: DKH


My name is Maria Isabel Gracia, I have four children and I live in Daule community, in central Guayas, Ecuador.

It is very difficult to express what happened that day. It was around seven in the afternoon and I was taking care of the baby when the earthquake started. I could not move and I was terrified because I lost sight of my three children, my baby fell down from my arms and everybody was screaming all around. My mother and father were laid down on the floor and I thought everybody was going to die. When it finished I realized that my house was very affected. Two interior walls fell down and many cracks were visible in the structure.

I felt alone, my husband was in shock and could not react. Finally, we decide to abandon the house and join the community in the front yard. We did not have any food at all, but after some hours many people started bringing relief aid for us.

I am very grateful because all my family is safe and nobody was injured during the earthquake. We would not have overcome without the support provided by all the generous people and organizations. The goods that we have received are very useful for us. The container where we stored the water is dirty and grows worms. If we want to drink safe water, we have to buy it and when we do not money, we need to go to the river but that water is salty.

We are happy to receive the water purificator because it is something we have never had before and will contribute to my family wellbeing.