Flash floods in Romania

Torrential rains swept eastern Romania in mid-September, wreaking devastation in towns and rural areas of the Moldova province.

Thousands of villagers fled as floodwaters rose and spread. Housing, bridges, roads and other infrastructure were destroyed. Farmers lost standing crops, farm buildings and livestock, and many had their soil washed away, incurring debts for the agriculturally dependent population in the region.

ACT response

ACT dispersed US$49,917 from its Rapid Response Fund to assist with the emergency relief work carried out in the immediate aftermath of the floods.

This meant our member in the country was able to respond quickly and effectively, distributing food parcels containing rations for a month to 400 families, as well as hygiene kits and clean drinking water.

Many families had lost winter clothes in the floods. As the cold weather closed in, our member provided those worst affected with 700 packs of winter clothing