Flood victims in Russia

In August 2013, around the Amur River in the far east of Russia, water levels rose by more than 7.5m, causing severe flooding in 190 villages.

Twentyfour thousand people were evacuated and 9,500 houses were damaged. In total, 98,000 people were affected by water damage to their homes and farmlands.

One of our members in the region took an active role in the emergency work, providing victims with shelter, food, bedding and medicine. As well as delivering direct assistance, we appealed to government authorities across the region to help those affected by the flooding.

The use of our Rapid Response Fund included the provision of clean drinking water in an area where there were grave concerns about water-borne disease, because of the inundation of sewerage systems and damage to drinking-water systems.

Hygiene kits were provided, tailored to the needs of men, women and children. And basic medical care was given to injured people.

ACT was able to assist 1,200 people through the project, many of whom had been forced to evacuate leaving all of their belongings behind.