Floods in Acre

In February and March, heavy rain and floods have hit Acre in northern Brazil, 80,000 people have been severely affected  in particular marginal communities and indigenous people.

According to authorities the Acre River exceeded its highest recorded height of 17.66 meters, reaching 18.40 meters.

The most affected people are communities on river banks and indigenous peoples, especially the Apurinã indigenous people of Pauini, near the Purus River in Amazonas.

Communities are helpless, with no support from government, including the official indigenous body of the Brazilian state.

Immediate action is needed to support 640 families (3,200 people) affected by the last March rain, with food, mattresses, clean water and kits to clean the houses.

The Civil Defence is working in the capital of Acre State and in the other cities, where urban and riverside areas have received some support, but so far, the Aripunã region has not received any assistance.

According to the local partner, the Council of Mission among Indigenous Peoples (COMIN), there are no indications the government will provide any support for the areas identified by the ACT forum.

ACT Alliance members FLD and CESE have provided resources for the affected communities from the February rains, through the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) and COMIN. Now with the March rains ACT members are planning to issue an appeal for the most affected and isolated indigenous communities.

Planned responses include the purchase and distribution of food, water and cleaning kits. Partners CPT and COMIN will work on planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of activities.