Forum Good Practice: Armenia

Related to humanitarian, development and advocacy work of ACT Alliance

ACT Armenia Forum (AAF) members – ART; UMCOR, ECLOF came together in 2011 to plan, act towards the affected populations, bring sustainable change through coordinated, emergency response and elaborated a joint Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan.

Since the eruption of Syrian conflict the AAF joint their efforts to effectively respond to the refugee crisis and better address emergency situations according to the forums’ objective No2. Reported by the Government, up to 10,000 Syrian refugees from 18,477 are registered as vulnerable needing continuous support. In 2016 AAF appealed to ACT Alliance in response to the refugee crisis to contribute to the dignity and resilience of those by addressing the most pressing needs – shelter, livelihoods, psychosocial support, and community resilience requesting US$ 1,046,420. AAF received USD24, 486 despite to general secretary’s statement in ACT Alliance’s annual report 2015 “The ongoing crisis in Syria alone saw a continued influx of refugees into Jordan, Lebanon, Armenia and Turkey”. AAF overdid the planned activities in cooperation with the Armenian Church and local NGOs working with Syrian refugees.

AAF members come together on quarterly/monthly basis to discuss, plan, share responsibilities for effective results in action. In 2012-2013 AAF implemented two humanitarian projects for Syrian refugees ensuring food security/NFI, provided psychological/spiritual support to 4237 people/1142 families. For the first time in the history of emergency situations AAF experienced an innovation method of plastic cards for food security giving free access in their choice of food products restricting the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes making refugees more independent; also accelerated the process of humanitarian aid distribution for AAF providing a quick and organized response.

AAF cooperated with a special network of supermarkets that invested USD3700 and issued 2350 plastic cards for free; with the Armenian Apostolic church that helped in aid distribution.

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Related to ACT Alliance recognition and visibility

The visibility of ACT Alliance in the country was effected through information dissemination to local and international organizations (e.g. UNDP, Armenia as a lead of National Disaster Management Team; posted on the news websites, broadcasted through local media and national central TV Channels.

In 2015-2017 AAF implemented development projects aiming to improve refugee’s livelihoods and resilience providing IT, crafts and language vocational trainings to 127 women and the youth; provided with quality instruments related to their professions to 15 people; 2000 refugees benefited from the humanitarian food and NFI distribution; 1500 refugees participated in psycho-social counseling by clergy and psychologist.

UAF and ECLOF Foundations conducted five joint awareness raising sessions for 127 Syrian refugees in Armenia on labour and legislation issues “Vulnerable situations and risks associated with human trafficking, forced labour and exploitation” and business orientation and entrepreneurship. The lecture and discussions were conducted in a participatory approach with beneficiaries and provision of information materials.

“Adopt a Family” component is the second innovative method practised by AAF and aimed at providing help and guidance to newly displaced families promoting integration through regular interaction with local families; with practical advice, emergency assistance and response to general queries; organizing sight-seeing, cultural and social activities. In total 83 refugees were targeted.