Forum Good Practice: Philippines

Membership responsibilities

In the context of the Philippines, there are two types of membership in the Forum, FULL and ASSOCIATE, those ACT members based in the country and those who have regular programs through local partners but do not have an office in-country, respectively. This is clearly stipulated in the latest version of the Memorandum of Understanding of the Forum. The current Full members of the Forum are Christian Aid (Convenor), LWR, and NCCP, while the associate members are Community World Service-Asia, Church of Sweden, and ICCO Cooperation.

The ACT Philippines Forum members are reaching out to ACT members who operate through local partners in the Philippines. Also, the Forum ensures that it reaches out to the new members of the alliance and the WCC members in the country.

Read the Forum MoU here

Practise/ Policy (innovative, replicable): Negotiating membership terms with ACT members operating in the country

  • Encouraged ACT members without country offices to coordinate and build/sustain the relationship without putting pressure to be active in forum events (i.e., Associate Members).
  • Updating membership status every annual meeting