Hungarian Interchurch Aid sets up refugee support point at the Ukrainian border

The refugee support point set up by HIA. Photo: Daniel Fekete/HIA
Photo: Daniel Fekete/HIA

On February 27, 2022, ACT member Hungarian Interchurch Aid set up a 24 hour refugee support point on the Ukrainian side of the border at Beregsurány.

The line of refugees trying to cross into Hungary at this crossing is kilometres long- thousands of Ukrainians forced to flee the war which has enveloped the nation of 44 million people.

The support point was set up at Asztély, near the border crossing, in a heated pavilion, which will be supplemented with additional tents and mobile toilets in the coming days.

HIA is providing hot tea, sandwiches, refreshments, blankets and basic hygiene items for refugees, including many elderly and children, who wait long hours to cross the border. In addition to the tangible help at the support point, HIA also helps those arriving with information in Hungarian and Ukrainian, including how those in need can get temporary accommodation in Hungary.

Local volunteers will also be involved in the operation of the support point. A good example of local co-operation is the baking of fresh bread in a local Serbian bakery from flour donated from Hungary, which HIA will offer to refugees.