Media advisory: SB60 Press conference: A faith perspective on non-economic losses and damages and its financing

10 June 2024



Bonn, Germany: During the SB60 conference, members of the faith community will renew their call for urgent action to address loss and damage, as climate change continues to wreak havoc on communities around the world. The moral call for justice has never been more urgent. Polluters continue to burn fossil fuels at alarming rates, as those who have contributed the least to the climate crisis continue to bear its worst impact.  

Whilst the establishment of the Loss and Damage Fund was announced during COP28 last year to much fanfare, levels of finance remain woefully inadequate. Beyond the headline of financing, it is the hidden losses of climate change which remain untold and unaccounted for. The irreversible impacts to individual health and mobility, cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge, or ecosystems and biodiversity are hard to quantify but equally devastating.

The Interfaith Liaison Committee will bring together voices from across different faiths who are united in their calls for climate justice to discuss the non-economic aspects of loss and damage. We’ll hear from representatives of communities who are experiencing the impact of climate change firsthand, and highlight the blurred line separating economic and non-economic losses and damages. 


Nushrat Chowdhury, Policy Advisor (Christian Aid)
Steve Chiu (Tsu Chi)
Sostina Takure, (ACT Alliance)
Jamie Williams (Islamic Relief Worldwide)
Sindra Sharma (PICAN) 

Moderator: Valeriane Bernard (Brahma Kumaris)

Where: Nairobi 4 and online

When: Tuesday 11th June 11.00 am