Media Release: Bonn UN climate negotiations 

A silent vigil at COP26, Glasgow, for those living with the impact of climate-induced loss and damage. Photo: Albin Hillert/LWF

After two weeks of negotiations, climate talks in Bonn hardly moved an inch. Not on emission reductions, and not on how to mobilise the financial support vulnerable countries need to address the impact of the climate crisis.  

It was good to see parties listen to each other, and to see that a greater understanding of the seriousness of these talks is emerging. Yet concrete results were scarce.  

Climate disasters were at the heart of the talks, as were the effects of loss and damage that people and communities face. Developed countries acknowledged that there is a gap both in the amount of existing funding and in concrete ways of addressing  these challenges.  

While concern about those who are affected increased, negotiators couldn’t agree on how to move to solutions. We remain where we started two weeks ago.  

An  agreement on process is needed to make progress in the actual talks. We need a formal agenda item on finance arrangements for loss and damage at COP27. Without it, communities facing the impact of loss and damage will find themselves in increasingly desperate situations. As we saw in Bonn, countries agreeing on the decision-making process is a prerequisite for enabling loss and damage finance.  

ACT Alliance is disappointed by the lack of substantive progress. The climate crisis is far too serious. Urgent action should not be delayed by discussions on process. On the road to November’s COP27, we urge parties to engage immediately to solve the agenda disagreement on the Glasgow Dialogue so that it will be possible to discuss and decide on loss and damage finance arrangements at COP27.  

To restore trust in climate negotiations and ensure further progress in the climate talks we also urge developed country parties to arrive at COP27 with the following: 

  • Concrete finance pledges for loss and damage, so that the lack of these funds does not continue to block the negotiation process.   
  • Concrete finance pledges for adaptation. This would show they are keeping their Glasgow promise to double adaptation support. 
  • New and more ambitious positions for COP27 to ensure that negotiations can deliver a successful result. No one should be left behind when the world addresses the climate crisis.  
  • A commitment to ensure meaningful and effective participation of observer organisations in the UNFCCC climate conferences.

 For more information or to arrange an interview , contact:

Fiona Connelly, Communications Coordinator, Climate Justice, ACT Alliance; +1 (647) 210-1238