Our faith is neither violent nor discriminatory

ACT Alliance members in Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) issued a statement in response to the 52nd General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS). 

Their statement addressed the disturbing increase in influence by some religious organizations who impede or remove human rights, gender rights, and the elimination of violence against women, girls and boys.

ACT members’ understanding of the role of faith-based organizations is very different.  “It is because of our faith that we continue to make visible, fight for, and demand timely and full justice against human rights violations, and we commit ourselves to offer a testimony that is also constructive for democracy, peaceful coexistence in plural societies, and full recognition of the dignity of all people.”

The statement highlighted the need to respect the dignity of all people, including “…particularly children and adolescents, women, indigenous peoples, black and Afro-descendant communities, people with disabilities, migrants, and the LGBTIQ community…”

The LAC members stated, “we reject the way in which religious and faith discourses are exploited and promoted by some sectors to stigmatize other sectors of society, deny them their rights, and increase their vulnerability, putting their lives and dignity at risk.”

They concluded with a commitment to the radical commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ to love without any discrimination.

Read the full statement here (in Spanish and English).