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“It is no longer a good place to live.” Families relocate after Cyclone Idai

18 Jul 2019

  Cyclone Idai devastated large parts of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi when it made landfall in March 2019 in the city of Beira, Mozambique.  When the cyclone had passed on, much of Beira was underwater and severely damaged.  While the media continued to show the images of the devastation in Mozambique, Idai continued to track […]

[PRESS RELEASE] Activists call for bold action from governments on climate, inequality and freedom of expression, as development goals falter

Activists gathered in New York to #StandTogetherNow and demand that their governments step up action to achieve social, economic and environmental justice
17 Jul 2019

NEW YORK, 17 July 2019 – Activists from across the world today declared the Sustainable Development Goals – agreed by the international community in 2015 – under threat, due to inaction on climate change, rising inequality and increasing repression of peaceful civic activism continue to rise. Meeting alongside the High-Level Political Forum at the United […]

NGOs express worry on growing human rights violations on migrants

02 Jul 2019

The UN Human Rights Council is currently in session in Geneva. More than 40 NGO and networks signed a joint statement, delivered on Monday by the International Catholic Migration Commission, to express their worry on the widespread and growing violations of the human rights of migrants and an environment where those who seeks to protect […]

[PRESS RELEASE] SB50: A missed opportunity to protect the most vulnerable from climate-induced loss and damage

27 Jun 2019

  Bonn UN climate talks (SB50) are coming to a close, and some key governments have dismissed the opportunity to commit to action and support that is needed to avert loss and damage to protect the most climate vulnerable communities.  Government delegations from around the world have spent the past two weeks negotiating the remaining […]

[Blog] Reflections on climate change- from the practical to the technical

26 Jun 2019

Last night, I landed in Beira, in Mozambique.  I am here in solidarity with the people of this city and region who were devastated by Cyclone Idai in March of this year.  Idai was one of two cyclones to wreak havoc on Mozambique in March—storms that were exacerbated by climate change. When I turned on […]

Faith-based organisations worried about rule of law in Brazil

25 Jun 2019

ACT Alliance issued a statement expressing concern on the current situation in Brazil, where allegations of collusions were made between the chief prosecutor of the anti-corruption operation so-called “Car Wash” and the judge responsible for the case, the current Minister of Justice. In this political firestorm the media (ed: The Intercept and Folha de São […]

[SB50] Blog: We must remember why we are here in Bonn

21 Jun 2019

We must remember why we are here  Hearing the crowds in the corridors of the UN building in Bonn talk in technical terms, using words like ‘grant equivalent’, ‘IPCC’, ‘response measures’ and ‘market mechanisms’, it can be easy to get lost in the technical talk and forget to discuss the reason behind what brings us […]

Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam organizes Roundtable on Gender and Development

21 Jun 2019

Within the context of the new chair in Religion and Sustainable development, launched in January 2019 in collaboration with ACT Alliance and ICCO and led by Prof Azza Karam, Vrije Universiteit organized a Roundtable on Gender and Development to discuss how religious actors can contribute to the achievement of SDG 5 (gender equality) and agenda […]

FBOs call for global solidarity as UNHCR’s report says that global displacement reached highest number ever

20 Jun 2019

We are witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record. UNHCR’s new Global Trends report, released yesterday, confirmed the worrying trend of an increase in global displacement, now affecting 70.8 million people. Once again, roughly two thirds of those affected (41.3 million) are internally displaced, further complicating their protection situation. Every day, another 37,000 people are forced to […]

[SB50] Blog: The urgent need for finance for climate-induced loss and damage

Leia SMC
19 Jun 2019

In the last few years, we have experienced an increase in extreme climatic events across the globe. Increased droughts, severe storms and unprecedented flooding, from the Americas through to the Pacific have brought loss and damage (climate impacts that cannot be adapted to) to the forefront of developed and developing country agendas. Climate change is […]

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