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[Press release] Climate Adaptation: without it we might face havoc

10 Sep 2019

Not focusing on adaptation to climate change is myopic and risks losing sight of long-term impact  GENEVA – The Global Commission on Adaptation has issued a new report, which sheds light upon the threats posed by climate change, but even more, the need for the international community to focus on adaptation to climate change as a preemptive strategy.  […]

ACT Colombia Forum statement on peace and security in Colombia

07 Sep 2019

We, the ACT Colombia Forum, as part of the ecumenical family and as international organizations with presence in Colombia, promote and defend human rights and international humanitarian law from a human dignity perspective, and we have the fundamental task of continuing to accompany the Final Peace Agreement implementation process, as well as making visible and […]

Christians come together in prayer and action for Creation

01 Sep 2019

The Season of Creation is an annual celebration of prayer and action to care and protect Creation. The Season begins with the day of prayer, today on September 1 and runs through to October 4, the Feast of St. Francis – the patron saint of ecology in many traditions. The celebration began in 1989 with […]

Prof. Azza Karam elected Secretary General of Religions for Peace

23 Aug 2019

We congratulate Prof. Azza Karam for being appointed as the new Secretary General elect of Religions for Peace. Formerly, Prof. Karam was the chairperson of the UN interagency taskforce for cooperation with faith-based organisations and she is widely known for her expertise in religion and development. ACT Alliance has successfully collaborated with Prof Karam in many […]

Religious leaders come together in defence of the Amazon

23 Aug 2019

Protestant and orthodox leaders join forces and embrace the call of the Catholic Church and Pope Francis to denounce the appalling attack on the Amazon rainforest. With unprecedented wildfires that are currently destroying the largest tropical rainforest on earth, which contributes to producing 20% of oxygen in the atmosphere, the dangers of permanently compromising the “lung […]

North American churches mobilize to protect people on the move

15 Aug 2019

During its annual meeting in Milwaukee the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), a member of ACT Alliance, voted to become the first sanctuary church in North America. With this ground-breaking decision, ELCA pledged to provide shelter to undocumented immigrants and protect them from unnecessary jailing and deportation. Although churches all over the United States […]

[Youth Day Blog]: Getting involved no matter where you are

12 Aug 2019

Getting involved no matter where you are Climate change is happening, and we all need to contribute to tackling the problem if we want to limit its impacts. Over the last few years, I have studied on the East coast of the United States and have participated in various platforms where I have met many […]

[Blog]: Time for a big transition

08 Aug 2019

For centuries, and especially over the last few decades, landscapes around the world have changed. Deforestation and industrialized agriculture have spread, transforming land use and planning. A new report on Climate Change and Land from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which launched today, stresses that time is ripe for a new transition, but […]

“It is no longer a good place to live.” Families relocate after Cyclone Idai

18 Jul 2019

  Cyclone Idai devastated large parts of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi when it made landfall in March 2019 in the city of Beira, Mozambique.  When the cyclone had passed on, much of Beira was underwater and severely damaged.  While the media continued to show the images of the devastation in Mozambique, Idai continued to track […]

[PRESS RELEASE] Activists call for bold action from governments on climate, inequality and freedom of expression, as development goals falter

Activists gathered in New York to #StandTogetherNow and demand that their governments step up action to achieve social, economic and environmental justice
17 Jul 2019

NEW YORK, 17 July 2019 – Activists from across the world today declared the Sustainable Development Goals – agreed by the international community in 2015 – under threat, due to inaction on climate change, rising inequality and increasing repression of peaceful civic activism continue to rise. Meeting alongside the High-Level Political Forum at the United […]

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