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Ahead of G7 Environment Ministers Meeting, Christian groups call upon the US and other governments to care for the creation

A mother and daughter draw water from a well with a hand pump in South Sudan. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT
08 Jun 2017

PRESS RELEASE BOLOGNA, Italy. On Friday the 9th of June, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist leaders will meet for an Interfaith Forum on Environmental Protection, with an aim to agree on a Charter of Values and Actions, to be delivered to the ministers attending the G7 Environment Ministers Meeting on the 11th  – 12th […]

ACT mobilized interfaith call at Global Summit to engage FBOs in reducing disaster risks

Jeroen Jurriens, head of the ACT delegation at GPDRR, working with interfaith participants to craft the FBO statement. Photo: Tamas Marki/Church of Sweden
02 Jun 2017

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction was held in Cancun May 22-26, 2017.  The platform worked to move from the commitments made through the 2015 Sendai Framework for DRR to concrete actions to realize the commitments. The ACT Alliance delegation in Cancun showed how to put of words into action by sharing their concrete […]

ACT Board issues solidarity statement on the political and social crisis in Brazil

02 Jun 2017

The Board of the global ACT Alliance, meeting in Geneva on the 1st and 2nd of June 2017 expresses its deep concern with the unfolding crisis of democracy in Brazil, characterised by violence and aggression against the most vulnerable citizens of the country. Since the current political crisis began, violence is escalating, especially in remote […]

Climate justice must be prioritized, say ACT Alliance, the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches

02 Jun 2017

PRESS RELEASE The ACT Alliance, the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches, call for a prioritization of climate justice as US President Donald Trump issues executive order withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement.  They express deep dismay at this development, which goes against global commitments to address climate change. The […]

ACT celebrates the work of John Nduna

John Nduna reflects on the importance of ecumenism and the ACT Alliance during celebrations of his retirement. Photo: Simon Chambers
01 Jun 2017

  Ecumenical leaders, ACT secretariat staff, WCC and LWF leaders, the ACT governing board and others gathered in Geneva yesterday to celebrate John Nduna’s work with first ACT International and then as General Secretary of ACT Alliance since its founding. John was praised for his ecumenical approach, his ability to lead in difficult times, and […]

Vulnerability and resilience: A tale of survival for the fittest

Patriciah Roy Akullo, Advocacy Officer for the ACT Uganda Forum.
26 May 2017

The Karamojong region in northeastern Uganda is the most marginalized and vulnerable region in the country. Home to cattle-herding nomads, Karamojong has been trapped in a cycle of conflict for generations as warriors have battled the government—and each other—for cattle and survival.  Droughts have increased in severity and frequency over the years, leading to chronic […]

Congratulating the winner of the ACT DRR-CCA Good Practice Award

Blog author James Munpa
25 May 2017

Recognizing the unprecedented challenges to human well-being and safety posed by climate change related disasters, ACT Alliance is working actively to minimize the impacts of disasters through prevention, mitigation, and preparedness programs in over 100 countries. We are rooted in communities, where we assist people in identifying their risk, resources, and capacity to cope with the […]

G7 must address famine

Adhieu Deng Ngewei and other women work together on April 12, 2017, in a community vegetable garden in Dong Boma, a Dinka village in South Sudan's Jonglei State. Most of the women's families recently returned home after being displaced by rebel soldiers in December, 2013, and they face serious challenges in rebuilding their village while simultaneously coping with a drought which has devastated their cattle herds. The Lutheran World Federation, a member of the ACT Alliance, is helping the villagers restart their lives with support for housing, livelihood, and food security. South Sudan. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT
24 May 2017

PRESS RELEASE   In this day and age, famine cannot be tolerated, not just because every human being is valued in God’s sight and has the right to eat but also because starvation singles out the weakest and most vulnerable from among us. It is the moral duty of wealthy nations to do all they […]

ACT calls for investment in vulnerability reduction at the Cancun disaster risk reduction conference

Workers carry pipe as they drill a well on April 7, 2017, in Rumading, a village in South Sudan's Lol State where more than 5,000 people, displaced by drought and conflict, remain in limbo. In early 2017, they set out walking for Sudan, seeking better conditions, but were stopped from crossing the border. They remain camped out under the trees at Rumading, eating wild leaves as the rainy season approaches. In early April, Norwegian Church Aid, a member of the ACT Alliance, began drilling the well in the informal settlement and distributed sorghum, beans and cooking oil to the most vulnerable families. The ACT Alliance is carrying out the emergency assistance in coordination with government officials and the local Catholic parish. South Sudan. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT
24 May 2017

PRESS RELEASE As the international community gathers in Cancun, Mexico for the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, ACT Alliance calls for the reduction of vulnerabilities and an increased focus on the human rights and dignity of people currently facing significant risks as a result of different types of catastrophes. “Communities and people in all […]

Give and forgive

Mobil Kon displays fish he caught in Poktap, a town in South Sudan's Jonglei State where conflict, drought and inflation have caused severe food insecurity. The Lutheran World Federation, a member of the ACT Alliance, is helping families tackle food problems, including by providing cash for the purchase of fishing line and hooks. South Sudan. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT
20 May 2017

  “Give us today our daily bread.” We know the prayer, we need the prayer and the prayer reminds us of who is the ultimate giver. But the next prayer seems to deal with something totally different: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us”. It does not. On this Global […]

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