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ACT Alliance works with Ebola-survivors in Sierra Leone

30 Jan 2015

Also Ebola-survivors need a lot of support in Sierra Leone. ACT Alliance members are on the ground building awareness at community level, giving educational and psychological support to traumatized communities and for example teaching how to wash hands with soap, water and Chlorine.

ACT member launches new education project in Eritrea

27 Jan 2015

ACT Alliance member Finn Church Aid (FCA) this month signed an official agreement with the Eritrean National Commission for Higher Education in Asmara, Eritrea,to help support a revitalisation of teacher education in Eritrea. Eritrea faces a critical shortage of trained teachers and training institutions are in need of radical reform, and in recognition of Finland’s […]

ACT Alliance responds to devastating floods in Malawi

17 Jan 2015

Floods in Malawi in January 2015 have killed nearly 200 people and displaced over 200,000. ACT is on the ground helping to save lives by providing much needed food for communities in hard to reach areas.

Icelandic Church Aid: A Short Overview

14 Jan 2015

Senior staff of ACT Alliance member organisations meeting in Iceland under the auspices of Icelandic Church Aid. Photo: Sean Hawkey/ACT The beginning Icelandic Church Aid (ICA) was founded in 1969 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, the National Church. The idea was born earlier that year, when the Church participated in a very successful […]

Church of Sweden: what we do

14 Jan 2015

Thanks to the ACT Alliance, which through its members is present in 140 countries, Church of Sweden can rapidly provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis. Church of Sweden is part of the ACT Alliance, a global alliance of churches and church-related organisations for disaster relief, development and advocacy. Church of Sweden operates from a […]

Creative incubator for young Surinam talent

13 Jan 2015

Dutch entrepreneurs use their ICT-knowledge to offer young, talented Suriname people a job and an income. They do this in co-creation with ICCO. Youngsters in the rural areas of Suriname hardly have any access to professional education. Because of this, companies in these regions have problems finding good educated staff. Consequence is that the economic development […]

Ten years after the tsunami: building a bridge towards resilience in Indonesia

25 Dec 2014

Disasters of every scale hit hardest in communities that are the least prepared and the poorest. In Kuala Bubon, like other coastal villages across Indonesia’s Aceh and Nias islands, most people rely on the sea and farming for their livelihoods. When the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hit on 26 December 2004, these communities had […]

Positive client outcomes of financing and community development in rural post-conflict area of Mannar

17 Dec 2014

Right after the end of the Sri Lankan conflict in 2009, ACT member ECLOF Sri Lanka engaged in the post-conflict zone of Mannar which had been devastated after 30 years of fighting. In partnership with Episcopal Relief Development, ECLOF Sri Lanka began serving the resettled communities in the area, mostly support­ing agriculture and fishery, the […]

ACT Alliance marches in support of climate justice in Peru

14 Dec 2014

ACT Alliance members joined over 15,000 people to march the streets of Peru calling for climate justice. The march took place during the UN Climate Change conference in Lima, Peru in December 2014. In this video, ACT General Secretary John Nduna speaks about why this march is so important, and the role of ACT Alliance […]

Advocating in conflict situations

03 Dec 2014

2014 in particular has arguably been a year characterised by conflict. The beginning of 2014 saw violence in South Sudan internally displacing an estimated 575,000 people and more than 100,000 fleeing to neighbouring countries. In addition to its relief response ACT came together with the All Africa Conference of Churches and the World Council of […]

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