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The ACT Alliance Nicaragua Forum responds to the crisis in Managua

25 May 2018

Over one month has passed since political upheaval engulfed Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua. Demonstrations started on April 18 as Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega planned to change the nation’s social welfare conditions. The decision was met by resistance and protests which became violent after clashing with police. The clashes have had severe consequences including illegal arrests, […]

Bread for the World study tour shows Germany’s innovative climate change adaptation and risk management

Image of participants on top of Dyke
23 May 2018

For many years Bread for the World together with its partners, and particularly through ACT Alliance’s advocacy work on climate justice, has supported and enabled communities to fight for changes in policy and practice to ensure that the most vulnerable communities are protected from the worsening impacts of climate change. More often than not, the […]

“Desafío que Aceptamos” – FUMEC ALC

Photo of WSCF program participants
18 May 2018

Desafío que Aceptamos: Campaña regional de la FUMEC sobre justicia socio ambiental, economía y construcción de Paz. Desde hace algunos años la Federación universal de movimientos estudiantiles cristianos (WSCF) viene entrenando estudiantes y jóvenes en el servicio ecuménico y la incidencia en escala local en el trabajo por la justicia económica y ecológica. Más recientemente, […]

Message from ACT General Secretary on the situation in Gaza

17 May 2018

ACT Alliance condemns the killing of Palestinian people on their own land.  Such disgraceful acts of violence must stop.  The ACT Alliance stands in solidarity with its members, the ACT Palestine Forum, ecumenical partners and churches in the Holy Land and the global church in their ongoing humanitarian work, and in calling for an end […]

[SB48 Side Event] Mobilizing Fair and Transparent Climate Finance

Photo of person counting money
16 May 2018

“We have heard about what happens when floods hit developed countries, they quickly rebuild and life continues. But when floods hit in countries like Uganda as is happening right now, you can’t imagine how long it takes for us to get things back to normal,” said Edith Kateme-Kasajja, climate finance negotiator from Uganda and negotiator […]

Rudelmar Bueno de Faria met with the President of the White Helmets Commission of the Argentine Foreign Ministry

15 May 2018

Last Monday the ACT General Secretary, Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, met in Buenos Aires with the President of the White Helmets Commission of the Argentine Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Alejandro Daneri (first on the right). Discussions revolved around the possibilities of synergy between both institutions, both in relation to the humanitarian missions carried out by White […]

Climate Action Now. Not Later, says ACT Alliance

Photo of plenary session at climate conference
10 May 2018

The climate change negotiations in Bonn are wrapping up today with little progress made on developing the guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The window for the negotiation of an ambitious outcome at COP24 is quickly narrowing, with little time left between now and December to finalize the process. “We can no longer […]

[SB48] Turning the Climate Talks into Climate Action

Image of someone counting cash
09 May 2018

The debates on climate change can be endless. There is so much to say, to consider, to reflect upon, and to discuss. However, what we need is action, and we need it now. At this moment, diplomats from all over the world are engaged in difficult negotiations on how to move forward in our joint […]

[SB48] Dialogue for Climate Action

CaImage from the carica, Chocó. Consultation
08 May 2018

When countries gathered in Paris in 2015 to strike a new climate deal to come in place from 2020, they agreed that in the lead-up to 2020, they would take stock and assess the total level of greenhouse gas emissions released so far. Parties agreed to engage in a collective process to identify what will […]

[SB48 Blog] On the road to “Paris 2.0”

01 May 2018

                    Yesterday, the UNFCCC climate change conference – also known as the SB48 Intersessional– set off in the German city of Bonn. It is the first of two intersessional meetings to be hosted this year in preparation for the increasingly important 24th Conference of the Parties […]

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