Dec 12, 2015

Paris agreement signals climate friendly, more equitable future


International humanitarian and development network ACT Alliance has welcomed the final global climate agreement adopted today in Paris after years of negotiations among all countries.

“The Paris agreement has delivered the universal Paris Accord and a support package,” said ACT Alliance global climate ambassador Archbishop Thabo Makgabo, from South Africa. “Hundreds of cities, regions, companies and churches have proven their strong commitment to phase out fossil energies by mid-century. This is a milestone in the human story to tackle climate change and gives us hope for a climate friendly, resilient and more equitable future.”

“The universal Paris agreement includes for the first time the commitment of all states to keep global warming well below 2 degrees,” he continued. “With the long term mitigation goal, a mechanism to dynamically scale up each country’s action over time, common transparency rules and a support package for the vulnerable, all necessary instruments are on board to move forward.”

“Now we call on all national governments to close the remaining loopholes, which were included in the agreement due to countries not willing to take on their responsibility,” said Mattias Söderberg, head of the ACT alliance delegation at the negotiations in Paris. “More and faster climate action is needed to adequately address the core concerns of poor and vulnerable people. The implementation of the Paris Accord must be accelerated by national action and deepened international cooperation.”

Archbishop Thabo Makgabo concluded: “We are all part of Creation, and while we are thankful for this, we also need to acknowledge our responsibility to take care of the earth. This responsibility was given to us by God, and thus we, as faith groups around the world need to lead the way.”

The joint faith-based delegations of ACT Alliance, Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches, included more than 100 people during the two week long climate summit.