Sounding the Alarm for Climate Justice

December 5, 2019




TEXT: ACT Alliance, the Lutheran World Federation, and the World Council of Churches, who between them represent over 500 million Christians around the world, will be holding a stunt on Friday 6 December from 9h30-10h00 at the entrance to COP just past the location where you scan your badge to enter the venue, between buildings 2 and 4.

A giant clock will sound the alarm, along with people sharing stories representing the urgent need for climate action around the world, through an action involving singing, stories, and the call that it’s time for action.


Who: Delegates from the ACT Alliance, Lutheran World Federation, and World Council of Churches

Where: Just past the badge scan at the entrance, between buildings 2 and 4.

When: Friday, December 6, 2019 at 09h30.


Simon Chambers +1-416-435-0972,
Director of Communications, ACT Alliance


Arni Svanur Danielsson +41 78 929 9686 ,

Head of Communication, Lutheran World Federation


Marcelo Schneider +55 51 99 998 55 15,
Communications Officer, World Council of Churches