Statement of the ACT Alliance Ethiopia Forum on the current situation in Ethiopia

The following statement was issued by the ACT Ethiopia Forum about the situation in the Tigray region.  ACT has also issued two alerts (one for Ethiopia, and one for Sudan) regarding humanitarian response in the region.

The ACT Alliance Ethiopia Forum lifts up in prayer the people affected by the crisis that erupted on the evening of 3 November 2020 in the Tigray regional state of Ethiopia.

According to unconfirmed reports from UNOCHA the conflict has already resulted in massive internal displacements among residents, and refugees living in Western and Northern Tigray. According to UNHCR, more than 25.000 refugees from Tigray have already crossed the border to Sudan and their numbers are continuously increasing.

We stand in solidarity with all affected, mourn the death, condole those who lost loved ones, and join all those who call for a peaceful resolution, and the immediate stop of the fighting.

The ACT Alliance Ethiopia Forum calls for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to allow relief operations and the protection of all civilians and humanitarian aid workers.

It further calls on its members and partners to mobilize resources – programmatic, financial, in-kind, and spiritual – to provide an appropriate humanitarian response as soon as secure access can be guaranteed.